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Come in for Eyebrow Shaping in Memphis

Full, well-shaped brows are in style thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber. But if you weren’t born with a set of Instagram-worthy brows, don’t fret. At Memphis Brow Girl, we can help you achieve beautiful and natural-looking brows.

​Our eyebrow shaping treatments are as unique as your brows. Since no two sets of eyebrows are alike, we customize our services to ensure a flattering result for you. Whether you just dyed your hair and want your eyebrows to match or you need a little help contouring your brow’s shape, we can help.

The Best Eyebrow Services in Memphis

​Our services range from design to upkeep. See below for a complete list of the eyebrow shaping services we offer to men and women in Memphis:

  • ​​Brow trim
  • ​Brow tint
  • Microblading

​​When shaping your brows, we follow their natural arch. This technique ensures that you don’t go home with overplucked brows. While straggly, bushy brows aren’t a good look, neither are unnaturally pencil-thin brows. Our skilled beauty technicians know how to do just the right amount of tweaking — with none of the unnecessary plucking.

The Difference Between Microblading and Permanent Makeup

​​Some people confuse microblading with tattooing or permanent makeup. The difference is that microblading uses a special microblading pen instead of a needle. Also, the results are semi-permanent, so you will want to go in for a touch-up every year or so.

​One of the main advantages to microblading is how natural it looks. Rather than look like your eyebrows were drawn on, you’ll have a set of flawless brows that appear to be made entirely of your own hairs. Our technicians take their time to determine the exact shade of your brows so they can match it to the liquid in the microblading pen. We also analyze your arch carefully to find the perfect shape.

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