Gentle and Delicate - ranges from $100 - $250

Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask - Strategically formulated to soothe and hydrate impaired skin conditions of all kinds. A host of actives including oat milk, honey, arnica and cucumber provide deep soothing hydration. (For rosacea and sensitive skin)

Oh My - ranges from $100 - $250

Therapeutic Papaya Mask - combines papaya puree and additional fruit extracts from lemon, orange and apple to brighten dull complexions and exfoliate, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. Green tea, vitamin E and honey are moisturizing antioxidants that help keep the skin soft and hydrated. (For dry skin)

Oh Darling - ranges from $100 - $250

Therapeutic Salicyclic Acid Mask - Blend of 20% salicylic acid with antioxidant and botanical ingredients to brighten dull complexions. Its exfoliating and calming action refines to skin texture for a clear, smooth complexion. (For acne prone skin)

Turn back the Clock - ranges from $100 - $250

Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask - active blend of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that simultaneously nourishes and exfoliates while drawing impurities out of the skin. Pumpkin enzymes and saliclyic acid smooth the skin by removing dead surface cells that cause rough texture. (For anti-aging)

Let the Good Times Roll - ranges from $100 - $250

Excellent first-time treatment and a great choice for patients specifically requesting a facial, and for those who do not want to experience peeling. This facial calms, soothes and strengthens all skin types and conditions. (Signature facial)

The Boss - ranges from $100 - $250

This facial is designed to clear, hydrate and revitalize men's skin.

Custom Facials - ranges from $100 - $250

Sensi Peel - ranges from $100-$300

Formulated for all Fitzpatrick skin types. It is an exceptional choice for ethnic skin or those with extremely sensitive skin types

Ultra Peel I - ranges from $100-$300

A blend of TCA and lactic acid with the addition of phytohormones for plumping and hydration

Ultra Peel Forte - ranges from $100-$300

Blend of TCA and lactic acid. This formula is available only to physicians, as it is a more active treatment product that is capable of producing a medium-depth peel.

Eyebrow Care Options in Memphis, TN

Take Your Brows And Skin From Average To Awesome

At Memphis Brow Girl, we take care to provide our customers high-quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available for individual services or our unique parties:

We provide a variety of services including:

Smoothing Body Peel - ranges from $150-$400.

A two-step treatment, specifically for the skin on the body, with an exclusive blend of TCA, salicylic and lactic acids, as well as melanogenesis inhibitors: Arbutin and kojic acids.

Brow Services - ranges from $20 - $35

  • Design
  • Up Keep
  • Color/lightening 

Hairy Mary Wax services

  • Lip/chin - $15
  • Full face - $30
  • Lower/leg - $45
  • Full/leg - $65
  • Half/arm - $35
  • Full/arm - $50
  • Bikini - $45
  • Under arm - $25
  • Chest - $30
  • Back and shoulder - $50

Lash Service ranges from $25 - $60

  • Color
  • Eyelash Perm
  • Eyelash Tint

Services for Men

  • Brow Trim - $20
  • Brow tint - $20
  • Facial - $50 to $100

High Tea and Brows Private Events

Exclusive events for a minimum of 8 people which includes High Tea; British tea, scones and finger sandwiches. We require High Tea attire and hats are optional.


To view our services…

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